Once Upon a Time

When I was a child, I loved stories regarding princes, princesses, heroes and villains facing off in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. I wanted to be a princess, a queen even, and have a kingdom all to myself. It seemed like a fantastic idea to have people – my people – look upContinue reading “Once Upon a Time”

The Cost of Commitment

When the time came for my husband and I to say our vows, I looked into his eyes, and told him: “Darling, I want to make these vows to you and dedicate my whole life to you, but… I’m just not ready for that kind of commitment.” Just kidding, I didn’t tell him that, orContinue reading “The Cost of Commitment”

The Tale of the U-Haul and the Couch

Moving can be madness. For example, my husband and I had a whole trailer to unload (by ourselves, thank you military COVID restrictions), and we had about 30 minutes to do it. So, for 30 minutes, we were dead sprinting from the trailer to the house lugging three to four boxes at a time. MovingContinue reading “The Tale of the U-Haul and the Couch”