The Tale of the U-Haul and the Couch

Moving can be madness.

For example, my husband and I had a whole trailer to unload (by ourselves, thank you military COVID restrictions), and we had about 30 minutes to do it.

So, for 30 minutes, we were dead sprinting from the trailer to the house lugging three to four boxes at a time.

Moving can be expensive – especially when we needed to buy most, if not all, of the furniture and kitchen stuff (yes, stuff, I’m not much of a chef).

And when we do get a piece of furniture… it can be difficult to actually get inside the house! Tyler and I spent 20 minutes trying to shove our brand-new couch through the front door with both the door and the screen door working against us.

I thought the couch was going to break. I mean, seriously, Tyler got on top of it (while it was sideways) at one point to try to maneuver it inside.

Thankfully, before we broke anything, I had the splendid idea to try the back door which swings completely open and doesn’t have a screen door in front of it. However, I’m not a very strong person… And after 20 minutes of pushing and heaving and huffing and puffing, I was spent.

It was difficult for me to get it down off the porch… and I still managed to whack the side of the couch into my neck. But God must have known we needed help, or maybe our neighbors, who we haven’t met yet, peered at us through their windows and called the cops to make sure we were trying to get the couch in and not out…. Anyway, a security forces patrol truck rolled up our street, stopped, and asked us if we needed help. To which I responded, yes, please!

So, with the two extra men, one who was over 6’3 and you could tell worked out, lifted up the couch like it was a coffee cup and had it through the back door in less than five minutes. The other guy commented, “This is why I always have my ox with me.”

I think my favorite house project has been setting up my bookshelf (definitely better than the couch shenanigans). And yes, I’m a nerd. But my books have been stowed away for more than four years for the most part, never been allowed to all come out at once as I did not have space for them in College.

But now, they are all shelved! (For the most part, I still need a bookshelf for all of my Bibles, journals, commentaries, textbooks, etc… And it would be my luck that the bookshelf I’ve been eyeing on Amazon for the past two weeks jumped up in price today by $30 dang it)

But all my books have a place and are organized by both height and genre. I can finally see all the series reunited again! I think my husband found out how much of a nerd I am to say the least.

The moral of this story is… enjoy every second of life and look on the bright side of situations. Be thankful for those who do a lot for you (like those people you can count on to drive you six hours and back or those who are willing to load up all of your stuff and move it to Missouri for you), and also those people who go out of their way to help you (like the security forces or even a guy who saw us walk in 90 degree heat back from the commissary before our car was here and offered us a ride to our TLF).

And if given the opportunity, be the person that people are thankful for 🙂

honest and maybe relatable,


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